Adyar Theosophical Society




What else can the President do about Theosophical Society Officials

who suppress abuse allegations?


Suppression of the abuse allegations means that there is now no

alternative to referring the matter to the police


There has been plenty of time since the allegations were made to

appoint a Protection Officer, to whom incidents can be reported.


Click here for details of the abuse allegations


Dealing with the abuse crisis should be at the top of

Tim Boyd’s To Do List whenever he next visits Adyar.


If he can’t deal with it then he should stay away.




A police investigation will probably be the most likely outcome of this affair, whether or not Tim Boyd calls in the police. Having sat on the information and kept the allegations quiet will mean that the Sundarams will have some very difficult questions to answer. If a future police investigation does confirm that abuse of girls has been perpetrated by a Theosophical Society official, using his position to procure his victims, then the Sundarams may find themselves liable for prosecution.


What does the Indian Law say on such matters;


As in most legal codes, criminal offences have no time limit for prosecution.


Regarding the allegation of abuse;


Indian Penal Code. Section 354


354 Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty .Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.


Indian Penal Code Section 509


Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.



Regarding the suppression of the information;


Section 120 in The Indian Penal Code


120. Concealing design to commit offence punishable with impris­onment.—Whoever, intending to facilitate or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby facilitate the commission of an of­fence punishable with imprisonment, voluntarily conceals, by any act or illegal omission, the exist­ence of a design to commit such offence, or makes any representa­tion which he knows to be false respecting such design, If offence be committed—if offence be not committed.—shall, if the offence be committed, be punished with imprisonment of the description provided for the offence, for a term which may extend to one-fourth, and, if the offence be not committed, to one-eighth, of the longest term of such imprisonment, or with such fine as is provided for the offence, or with both.


Section 212 in The Indian Penal Code


212. Harbouring offender.—Whenever an offence has been committed, whoever harbours or conceals a person whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the offender, with the intention of screening him from legal punishment; shall be punished with imprisonment of the description provided for the offence for a term which may extend to one-fourth part of the longest term of imprisonment provided for the offence, or with fine, or with both.


Section 110 of IPC(Indian Penal Code)-Dhara-Dafa-

Punishment of abetment if person abetted does act with different intention from that of abettor


Whoever abets the commission of an offence shall, if the person abetted does the act with a different intention or knowledge from that of the abettor, be punished with the punishment provided for the offence which would have been committed if the act had been done with the intention or knowledge of the abettor and with no other.


Classification of Offence


Punishment—Same as for offence abetted—According as offence abetted is cognizable or non cognizable—According as offence abetted is bailable or non-bailable—Triable by court by which offence abetted is triable—Non-compoundable.


The Sundarams will have to worry if the police find that an offence of abuse has been committed, and they fail to provide a credible reason for concealing that offence. The penalties for anyone found guilty of abuse are clear.




Dave Marsland


Posted  April 6th 2015


Dave’s Theosophy News Board


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How many suitable applicants were discounted so that

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Don’t Just Do Nothing

Stand There

Despite decades of decline and stagnation leading the

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sign of coming up with a strategy for ensuring the

continuation of the Society as a unified body.



Adyar, the Sole Purpose of Adyar



Western President


They’ll Knock Adyar Down?



Save Radha’s House

Revealing that the Adyar elite’s stately home is under threat

of compulsory land purchase and can be saved by convincing the

authorities that it is in fact an international headquarters (if true)

may have given the Theosophical Society members a brilliant

opportunity to get Adyar off their backs.

If not true then it looks like blackmail



Ignore the Voters

and Get Elected

An overview of the Adyar Theosophical Society

Presidential Election System



What an Insult to Members

Expecting members to vote for candidates while withholding

highly relevant information indicates an utter contempt by

the leadership for the general membership



Film of the Tekels Park Deer

Here is a link to a short film of the Tekels Park Deer

posted by a Camberley resident.

Everyone opposed to the killing of the Tekels Park animals

will want to see this.



International Election Protocol

This is only an idea for consideration but if the Theosophical elite

continue to treat the members with the current levels of indifference and

contempt for the duration of this election then the Adyar Theosophical

Society will be an empty shell by the time it is completed.



The Secrecy

The secrecy with which the Adyar Theosophical Society

leadership conducts the Society’s affairs is legendary.

Is this secrecy for its own sake or are some serious

issues being suppressed and kept beyond discussion?



Banging the Drum for Theosophy

Looking forward to the post Adyar era



Burnier Town Hall

Family control of Adyar has reduced the members

of the General Council to the status of town hall officials.



The Great Election


Silence by elected management cheats

the members out of participating in the

running of their own organisation



Keeping the International Headquarters at Adyar

It may not be that easy






The International President


The General Council

An idea for consideration



What is Behind the


of the

Theosophical Elite?

The Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite denies

members the right to be consulted on issues and the

ability to convey their views directly to the leadership.

Why does the leadership of an organisation

treat its members like this in the modern era?



Towards a New Model for Theosophy

The Adyar Theosophical Society Leadership

now isolates itself within a cult of superiority

while the Society evaporates around it.

A Theosophical Society can survive but not

in the current format.



Choose a Stooge

When the Issues are Huge

Is this what is on offer to the Adyar Theosophical

Society's paying members from a ruling elite

that has a different agenda from that of the Society?




This election is really inconvenient for the leadership, isn’t it?

Why are the members being hustled into blind voting?

What are the leadership’s post-election plans?



Members No Longer Members

of their Own Society

An inter-regnum in the presidency, during which

matters are discussed, is the only course of action

with a chance of saving the Adyar Theosophical

Society as a unified body.



Now Here’s Something Worth

Keeping Quiet About

Are there plans to sell Adyar without

consulting the members?



Is There Hidden

Bad News?

A leadership shutdown combined with a total

news blackout suggests a serious hidden issue

and an intense fear of revealing it.



Control Adyar or

You Control Nothing

Is the self imposed isolation of the General Council effectively

a mass resignation as they have found, after the death of

Radha Burnier, that establishing control of Adyar is too difficult?



A Manifesto

Well Done! CVK Maithreya



Elected Representation

Not Representing

Silence is Killing the Adyar Theosophical Society.

The presidential candidates are as much victims of the

General Council’s silence rule as are the members.

The silence rule also seeks to establish General Council

control over the future president.



Make Way for the Messiahs

Have the Esoteric Section and the

General Council merged into one body?



Does Silence Mean

Game Over

for the Adyar Theosophical Society?

CVK Maithreya presented plans for the future, in

defiance of General Council instructions.

Does suppression of discussion mean that the

Adyar Theosophical Society doesn’t have a future?



Accountable Leadership Urgently Required

The General Council has abused its power

by putting itself beyond accountability.

A new leadership is needed, and fast.



Anybody There?

No Information,

Discussion forbidden,

No replies to questions.

Do the members still have a Society?



Can’t Change

Won’t Change

Those who have kept the Society time warped

in the 1930s now have the task of introducing

reform and they obviously don’t want to do it.



Beggars at the Door

Left sitting out in the cold and starved of information,

members now realise how the General Council regards them

Why not include this picture in any information request to General Council

officers as an indication of how members feel they are being treated.

Or just send the picture anyway.



From The Top Down

The Adyar Theosophical Society is decades

out of date and desperately in need of reform

starting with getting rid of a leadership that

refuses to be accountable to the members.



Who Owns Adyar?



The Royal Court of Radha Burnier



General Council Meeting 2013 Minutes




Theosophical Society

International Rules



Something Wrong?

Making it a bit obvious aren’t you?



Disgraceful Treatment of an Adyar Employee

A woman sacked and evicted for complaining.

Given 13 days to get out of her home.



The Preethi Muthiah Letters

Tell A Very Sad Tale



Concerns Raised

About General Council Meetings

Looks like there has been some attempt

by a General Council member to promote

reform within the Theosophical Society



General Council

2012 Meeting Minutes



New Committee?

Make Your Wife The Chairperson



Adyar Internal Problems

that the General Council

Should Investigate



Is Adyar Still The Headquarters?



Creep On!

General Council

Or why don’t you do something

to recover Adyar for the members?



Good Campaign Pitch, Mr Singhal



Adyar Prepares for the Break-Up



Profile of Adyar

From a Victim



Adyar Family Appointment

A Job for Your Daughter





Another Family Power Appointment

For your Daughter



Bold Initiative

By Singapore Lodge





Triumph of the Weak

Don’t expect the General Council

to do anything if the election is bent


Adyar Job News

You don’t need a plan

You don’t need a degree

If your name’s Raghavan

It’s job number three



No Stand For Democracy

An appraisal of the General Council’s commitment

to maintaining the Adyar Theosophical Society

as a democratic body



Bent election?

But Vote Anyway



A Society Without Leadership

Nobody sees it, Nobody hears from it

Is it hiding somewhere? Does it exist?



Who will Believe It?

Even if the presidential election is correct and above board,

the confidence in the General Council has fallen so low

that members won’t believe it.



Supporting Adyar?

Haven’t members been cheated for long enough?







Long Tradition of


at Adyar

Preethi Muthiah has highlighted an endemic problem at Adyar,

which the General Council has ignored for many years.

There are still no plans implement a grievance procedure and

Anti-bullying policy at Adyar.



Summary Dismissal

Of lady over 70 from her job at Adyar



True Purpose of the

2014 Election

What the paying members want has little to do with

this election, as the silence and lack of information show.

The real purpose of this election is for the General Council

to deliver the candidate that the Adyar ruling elite wants.



What Makes this Election Invalid?




After the Election



Was Your Vote Counted?

Was your vote forwarded to Adyar?

Was the election actually held?

Against a background of silence, a court case and

allegations of irregularities, these are fair questions.



Not Being at Adyar

Well, it’s much easier than being a real president



Democracy in the Adyar Theosophical Society




11,432 Votes

Is That All?



No Right To Complain

Well, what can you expect in an organisation where

the leadership regards the membership as ballast

Doubts about the integrity of the election

are left unresolved, rendering the result invalid.



President’s Inauguration

A Private Function

Elite Welcome

The Ballast now know their true status



Pray Silence

While the President Creeps into Office



It’s Silence as Usual

By the Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite.

No hurry to prove the election result

But a real hurry to get the president installed



Who Can Support

The Leadership Now?



Shut Up & Pay Up

The Adyar Theosophical Society has become

a multi-level marketing operation





Doubts about the election result will

make the President’s job impossible.



Adyar & the US each have

Half a President



The White Lotus Hi-Jack

President uses White Lotus Day

as a personal platform.

What was the inauguration for?





Is this the

Great Wheaton Rip-Off?

Questions now arise over allocation of Wheaton

resources by a two job president



Master of the Small Event

Launches New Presidency




The Adyar Payments Scam




CVK Maithreya Deserved

Better Treatment

The exclusion of Mr Maithreya from the rushed

inauguration was an insult to him and his supporters



Staff Treatment At Adyar

Is This The

True Face

of the Adyar Theosophical Society?

And if so, it’s a very ugly face



Is Wheaton Set To Support Adyar?

A two job president will produce a massive conflict

of interest that will divide the American Section



CVK Maithreya is


Who's the Guy in the Job?



Why was Campaigning Banned

During the 2014 Election?



Adyar Allegations

Adyar Estate General Manager reports former

Theosophical Society Accountant to the police,

resulting in detention and two days of interrogation.


Former Accountant makes serious allegations

against the Adyar Estate General Manager.



Did the 2014 Presidential Election take place in a

Climate of Fear



Police Action Threatened

Over Someone Else’s Car

“If we hand over the vehicle to the police things will be worse”




on getting himself inaugurated.


on dealing with problems.

Serious allegations about a reign of terror at Adyar

are lodged with the International President.

There is no response, just silence.



The Prisoner of Adyartraz

Serious allegations surround the treatment of staff and

Theosophical Society members at Adyar, but members find

that the elected president is unable to do anything.



Preethi’s Allegations

Allegations against Adyar Estate General Manager,

Mr S Harihara Raghavan over staff bullying

and threats of imprisonment are not new.

Preethi Muthiah’s letters and articles clearly

indicate that the issue has been around for some years



2014 Election

More Info Needed

As it stands only 56% of the poll and 49% of the final vote

can be verified by section leaderships on the current information.



One Man, One Vote

Tim Boyd nominates only one candidate for

International Vice-President and expects the

General Council members to vote for him.



Poor Adyar Future

As many ask if it is safe to go to Adyar.



CVK Maithreya

For Vice-President

An idea for serious consideration



The General Council Should Allow

No Appointments

By the

Not Proven President



Visiting Adyar

will never be the same again.

Tim Boyd's failure to deal with serious allegations will

mean that the fear of being banged up in police cells

will henceforth haunt visitors to Adyar.



D V Subramaniam’s Posthumous

Letter of Complaint

Yet another source of information

regarding staff bullying at Adyar.



The Amnesty International


Amnesty International is widely supported by members

and official policy of an organisation that refuses

to investigate allegations, that its own staff and members

are bullied by the use of threats of imprisonment.



Did you get an Invite?

Did you know you were cordially invited to the

bargain basement president’s cut price inauguration?





Serious Concerns Raised

About the Conduct of the

2014 Presidential Election



2014 Election Result?

The only option is to

Go Back


Do It Again

With proper safeguards this time



The Sundaram

Nomination Sham

Indian General Secretary tells the Indian

Section Council that he is nominating

Tim Boyd – no discussion – no consultation



Call for Emergency Meeting

January 24th 2014

With the unresolved issues raised at that time,

the election clearly should not have gone ahead.



The Inauguration

That Never Was

Tim Boyd airbrushes his rushed inauguration from history.



Serious Concerns

That Cannot be Ignored

Relating to the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election.

submitted to Chittaranjan Satapathy by South African

General Secretary, Jack Hartmann on March 16th 2014



Election Committee

Ignores Misconduct

It becomes clear that the election committee had

valid evidence for misconduct but ignored it




The Election Result

Pending an Enquiry

Krishnaphani Kesiraju calls on the governing body

to act as a governing body



Call for Action


East and Central Africa


As the Adyar Theosophical Society

governing body refuses to govern.



Raise the White Flag

Admit it General Council, being the governing body of the

Adyar Theosophical Society is too difficult for you.



Staff Bullying

Allegations Ignored

True to form, one month has elapsed and

the President and General Council have failed to

investigate Mr M Kannan’s allegations of bullying.






Should Members Recognise

Tim Boyd

as International President?



A Leadership at War

with the Paying Members

of its Own Organisation



Ignore the Bullying

We’re OK

This is the clear message as the International

President and General Council ignore

bullying allegations at Adyar.



General Council Ignores Calls to


The Presidential Election Result

Pending an Enquiry



Trouble at t’Mill

and a leadership unable to handle it



Official Investigation

The conduct of the 2014 Adyar Presidential Election

is now being investigated by the authorities.





Staying Silent

News of an enquiry by the Indian authorities makes

Tim Boyd and the General Council look vulnerable.

The General Council may decide that the easiest

way for it to maintain its policy of silence on the

2014 Presidential Election is to stay away from Adyar.



Outstanding Achievements

Just look at what the General Council has done for

The Adyar Theosophical Society in less than a year



Legal Action?

No problem, the leadership will make sure that the

Theosophical Society members will pay for the defence.





Over 70 valued trees felled at the Adyar Estate



Lumberjack Boyd


Sleeping President



The Adyar Cow Mystery

Is the delayed flimsy unsubstantiated explanation

now replacing the policy of silence?




How many trees were chopped down?


The felling of over 70 trees at the Adyar Estate

is reported in The Hindu in some detail






Carry On

Up The Adyar



Roll Up! Roll Up!

For the 2014 Adyar Crisis Meeting

The current civil court action has split the Indian Society

This will be a costly affair. Who's going to pay?




To Adyar

Against a background of ongoing legal processes,

General Council members just don’t know what

they are walking into at Adyar





Open letter

Written by Jan Nicolaas Kind, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil




to open letter written by Jan Nicolaas Kind

on December 16th  2014



Duty of Care

Has the Theosophical Society leadership advised

General Council and other members of the risks

involved in attending the 2014 Adyar Convention

during the current investigation?



Adyar Rumbling

Gets Louder







Don't Expect Much

From the General Council on December 25th



It's in the News

A press report on the Presidential Election and resultant

court case, and expulsion has been published by the Times of India.



Crumbs from the High Table

That's how the Ballast is kept informed







Adyar Elite's Own Goal

The victimisation of Kesiraju Krishna Phani will probably

draw more attention from the media and public

than the ongoing civil court case itself.




Forget it!

The Adyar Raj is rooted in the past and determined

to stay there as members refuse to pay, and walk away.





Had the Bill Yet?



Time is Needed for Change

Isn't one hundred years enough?



Silence of the Voiceless

Adyar Theosophical Society General Council.

Nothing to say.

And too frightened to say it.



Who Controls Whose Money?

A 14 million dollar question



President of the Silence

Not available for comment



Adyar Court Case Documents

A selection of documents relating to the court case

currently being brought in the Madras High Court against the

Adyar Theosophical Society by Kesiraju Krishna Phani

regarding the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election.


These documents reveal the nature and extent of the allegations.



Adyar Court Case

Evidence Listing Documents

 Further court documents listing the evidence

to be presented relating to the court case currently being

brought in the Madras High Court against the

Adyar Theosophical Society by Kesiraju Krishna Phani

regarding the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election



Slave Labour

New Palace

Years of no money to pay the workers turns into

a spending spree on the Adyar Raj governor’s residence



New Palace

Where's the Catch?



Is Adyar Finished?

without a massive cash bailout



Mugs Wanted?

Charity Scam?



President Invisible?

Is he unavailable for Adyar Day?







More Court Cases




Court Cases



Keep the

Workers Down

Adyar General Manager, Mr S Harihara Raghavan’s

clear message to departmental heads



Avoidyar Day

February 17th 2015

A shadow of a once great event at the

Adyar Theosophical Society Headquarters



The Blavatsky Bungalow


Conspiracy theorists may never get to the bottom of this one



Mow the Lawn

Aspirant young footballers cheated out of the opportunity to play.




Have the Voting Dead

Decided Adyar’s Future?




Adyar Football Special

When was a game last played on the Olcott School pitch?

For aspirant young footballers, a gap of three or four years










Police Cordon

The Olcott School sports area has been

barricaded and cordoned off by the police.




of the


General Council Meeting

Held on December 25th 2014



Boyd Goes to Court


Kesiraju Krishna Phani

Tim Boyd enters the Adyar legal job creation scheme




A court case a day keeps the donors away

More court action as the Adyar Aristocracy moves

to evict the Krishnamurti (KFI) School from the Adyar Estate



Victimisation of

School Children

Adyar Aristocracy puts

Krishnamurti School children’s education under siege



Is the Adyar Estate

Winding Down

for Closure?

Is the Adyar Aristocracy planning to become

the Aristocracy of somewhere else?




Why did the leadership refuse to act on these serious allegations?




For An Alleged Abuser

No enquiry into serious abuse allegations.

The matter just kept quiet.



Adyar’s Executive

Part Timers

A part time management presided over by an absent President


More evidence that the General Council has lost control of Adyar


Further indication that Adyar is being wound down for closure




Tim Boyd needs to deal with the officials who have

suppressed the abuse allegations



Has the Leadership turned the

Adyar Theosophical Society into






At Stockport County they play Spot the Crowd.



The Olcott School Team plays





Has an invitation been sent out

to join the






Dark Cloud

Hangs over the

ITC Conference



The Reign of

King Neverhere

It looks like an International President is

surplus to requirements at Adyar



At least 12 Lawyers

hired to defend the Adyar Theosophical Society

against allegations that the 2014 Presidential Election was bent

That’s going to cost a bit



No Concern for the

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Is Jan Nicolaas Kind expressing the official

Adyar Theosophical Society view?





The Adyar Theosophical Society’s toxic brand with which

 it may now pollute the entire Theosophical Movement



Don’t Mention the



As the 2015 ITC Conference at The Hague approaches



Change of Management

at the

Olcott School

But no change of Groundsperson

for the sports area.



Tim Boyd Visits Adyar

(A Rare Event)

Yes, it’s true, Tim Boyd has actually been in Adyar.

 Not to deal with the sexual abuse allegations

but to sort out the horrendously expensive mess

that his Adyar Masters have caused.



Bring in the Police

Kick Out the Perverts

and their protectors



ITC Conference

Goes Ahead

Regardless of the unaddressed allegations of sexual abuse

of young girls within the Adyar Theosophical Society



Ineffective President

Does Tim Boyd not actually realise that as International President,

he is ultimately responsible for what happen to the Adyar

Theosophical Society as it tumbles out of control into the abyss?



The Sexual Abuse

Time Bomb is Ticking

and the Adyar Theosophical Society

will be destroyed when it blows up

Does your group have contingency plans?





for the Adyar Workers


Tim Boyd looks on




The Adyar Theosophical Labour Camp

Treatment of workers on the Adyar Estate has always been

notoriously poor but things have clearly got much worse

since Tim Boyd took over as International President




Oppressive employment terms and conditions

at the Adyar Theosophical Labour Camp


International President responds with Smilership not Leadership



Authorities close in on Adyar

The Chennai (South) District Registrar will be asking some very awkward

questions relating to allegations against the Society and to compliance

with the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act


Putting a stooge in charge was a timely move by the Adyar Controllers



What are the Chances of

Adyar Being Shut Down?

Under the Tamil Nadu Registration of Societies Act



Were the Sexual Abuse

Allegations Discussed?

When the Boyds and Sundarams met in Varanasi



Carry On Groping

That’s the clear message Tim Boyd is sending out

by failing to address the allegations of sexual abuse

of young girls in the Adyar Theosophical Society.



Allegations of sexual abuse of young girls by

an Adyar Theosophical Society Official

But despite the evidence, International President, Tim Boyd

Won’t Investigate

After his failure to make the journey to Kanpur

to investigate matters for himself, Tim Boyd now

emerges as the abuser’s friend







The Adyar Theosophical Society has

representation in the following countries

and regions


Africa-East and Central Africa-South

Africa - West America-Central

Argentina Asia-East and Southeast

Australia Austria Bangladesh

Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada

Chile Colombia Costa Rica Croatia

Cuba Dominican Republic England

Finland France Germany Greece

Hungary Iceland India Indonesia

Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast

Mexico Netherlands New Zealand

Norway Orlando Pakistan Peru

Philippines Portugal Puerto Rico

Qatar Russia Scotland Slovenia

Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland

Togo Ukraine USA Uruguay Wales


The Adyar Theosophical Society also has the following

regional organisations


​The Council of the European Federation of National Societies

Inter-American Theosophical Federation

Indo-Pacific Theosophical Federation

Pan-African Theosophical Federation







Links to other News Boards



The Future of the Adyar Theosophical Society

Institutional Issues



Theosophy Forum




Theosophy Nexus






Теософическое Сообщество

"Нет религии выше истины!"

The Theosophical Community
"There is no religion higher than truth!"






Contact Dave Marsland



Ādá yà shénzhì xuéhuì zǒngtǒng xuǎnjǔ

अड्यार थियोसोफिकल सोसायटी राष्ट्रपति चुनाव

Ayāra thiyōsōphikala sōsāyaī rāṣṭrapati cunāva

அடையாறு தியோசபிகல் ஜனாதிபதி தேர்தல்

Aaiyāu tiyōcapikal jaātipati tērtal